Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Since the beginning of the new century, the major powers in the field of scientific research have begun competing in the frontier field in science and technology – the brain – the final mystery of the human body. Research is being conducted on cognition, aging and diseases. Governments all over the world have invested huge sums of money to launch their own brain schemes. However, this “three-pound matter lying between the two ears” is still a relative "black hole" beyond human understanding and is in fact a "Three-Pound Universe". Brain science is regarded as the “Final Frontier” of human understanding of natural phenomena and the human body. The scientific community even calls neuroscience – the science of studying the human brain – as the "last frontier of human science" and the ‘Mount Everest’ of life science, which is the last field to be conquered.

betway体育With rapid development of modern society, human beings are overwhelmed by intensive pressure from life and work. Depression, anxiety and other unhealthy emotions are becoming more and more common among people. In particular, with the aging of the population, brain diseases have been growing exponentially. Lung diseases were rampant in the 19th century, cancer became the No. 1 killer in the 20th century, and neurological disorders are becoming the biggest threat to mankind in the 21st century. However, life science has made slow progress in the field of neuropsychological disorders. Several multinational enterprises across the world have invested billions of dollars in research on Alzheimer's disease but have all failed. Research and development of drugs for the treatment of brain diseases encounter numerous bottlenecks, which is why many countries have put forward the brain project. Conquering brain diseases is the most arduous, most urgent and most critical task humankind is currently faced with.

betway体育The brain is the ‘central processor’ of our body and mind. It is only when the brain works properly can we be ourselves. The spiritual right cerebral hemisphere brings more peace in the world, while the rational left cerebral hemisphere expands cognitive boundaries. How the brain functions, directly affects all aspects of our lives, such as marriage, parent-child relationships, work, religious beliefs and even the experience of pleasure or pain. If we feel a decline in our cognitive abilities, depressed, anxious or have sleep disorder, attention deficit disorder, or obsessive-compulsive behavior or feel rage, we may think that these are neurological or psychological problems. However, studies have shown that these neuropsychological problems are caused by the failure of the "central processor", i.e., these are the clinical symptoms of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. If the brain is in its best health, not only can humans be protected from the pain of diseases, but the world will be full of peace, compassion and beauty. Only when our brain is healthy can we enjoy a happy life.

betway体育With the utmost caring for human life, Green Valley has determined its sacred mission of "developing drugs that patients are yearning for”. In exploring the mysteries of the brain, Green Valley is seeking for novel medicines and health plans to build a precise diagnosis and treatment platform for brain diseases, and usher a brain health revolution. This is the only way to change our medical model from a "biological" one to a "bio-psycho-socio” one which is put forward by the WHO.

Change your brain, change your life

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