Our mission

Developing drugs that patients are yearning for

Our vision

Build a precise diagnosis and treatment platform for brain diseases

Our research efforts focus on neuroscience, which is called the Mount Everest of human health. Through in-depth study, we have obtained groundbreaking achievement of pathogenesis of brain diseases and are striving to provide effective brain health solutions. We are firmly committed to our mission-developing drugs that patients are yearning for and devoted ourselves to building an integrated diagnosis and treatment platform for brain diseases

Our Core Values

Being patient-oriented

is our original aspiration that will never be changed. We focus all our efforts on patients’ health and create real values for customers. The value we are desired to deliver is only to bring benefits for people’s health.


Green Valley defines people who find belief in their lives as‘huoren’. We believe our talents must be those who combine personal belief with corporate faith, which is the foundation to build our shared undertakings.

Building Green Valley’s community with shared destiny

betway体育We have gathered groups of talents with shared faith and are building a community with shared destiny where souls and interests are united with a win-win concept of "contributors will be rewarded".

Always keep entrepreneurship inside

Our history is filled with self-reflection, self-revolution, self-improvement and self-criticism. With the courage and passion of entrepreneurship rooted in the organization, Green Valley is unswervingly marching on the road towards developing a blueprint for brain health.


a Sustainable and Evergreen Organization with Faith Management

Serve patients to the maximum level
Maximize the potential of employees and provide them with the space to achieve their potential to the maximum extent.
Maximize self-growth, self-reflection, self-improvement and self-criticism.
Centered on faith and focusing on the growth of talent, ensure customer value as the ultimate goal through technological innovation that keeps pace with the times
thus building a great evergreen organization.

Future of Our Organization

betway体育Green Valley provides the soil and sunshine for its employees, to grow together as towering trees, and build a green valley for humanity in the future.