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Our Road to Innovation

Our company mission: developing drugs that patients are yearning for, has led us to pave our way to innovation.

Inspired by this mission, Green Valley has attracted quite a few brain science experts with shared values to build the Green Valley Research Institute, a R&D center that has made remarkable progress on brain disease pathogenesis research and innovative medicines development. With joint and tireless efforts, the institute is striving to lead the world in brain diseases treatment.

betway体育For us, innovation means creating a differentiated and efficacious way to dealing with unmet medical needs. To make impossible possible, we have been going all lengths on innovation of belief paradigm. We believe only by a strong motivation to treat patients and deep insights on restrictions of modern life science can we move on forwards to explore new theories and new approaches with an open mind. We are devoted to creating a new belief paradigm of life science by taking the best of wisdom and theories of the past. This is the origin of our innovation and the fundamental logic to lead us to success.

If brains are at best status, not only human can be protected from the pain of diseases, but the world will be full of peace, compassion and beauty. A healthy brain can have us enjoy happy lives.

betway体育——《Change Your Brain, Change Your Life》


"At Green Valley, we are inspired to create innovative ideas and encouraged our talents to make great achivements during their lives. Like-minded people always fall into the same group, and we look forward to working with such people to explore the boundless potentials and expand the boundaries of our enterprises."

——Lv Songtao, Chairman of Green Valley

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betway体育An energetic and cheerful workforce full of innovative ideas, a chance to work alongside with leading experts in brain-related neuroscience and carbohydrate drug research and development. Learn more about us and join hands together to build a leading innovative company in brain health.